Weight, Flexibility, Heart Rate

Now that you’ve made the commitment to ride the Empire State Ride, you’re probably well into your training for this 500+ mile adventure. The biggest training mistake that riders make is they don’t work hard enough on big effort... Read more

Nutrition and Spring

If you’ve been on your trainer during the cold winter months, you probably can’t wait to finally ride outside. But if you want to enjoy a worry-free ride you should check the condition of your bike. This includes tires,... Read more

Picking the right equipment

Taking on 500+ miles over seven days in the fight to end cancer is a very impressive commitment and also one that requires appropriate preparation and equipment. So here at the Empire State Ride, we have compiled several resources... Read more

Picking a training plan

Google search “Training plan for long-distance, multi-day cycling adventure.” Crazy, right? There are so many different approaches to training for a cycling tour. So here at the Empire State Ride, we have compiled several resources that we think will... Read more

The 22-Week Training Plan

Congratulations on signing up for the Empire State Ride (ESR)! It’s going to be a great week of riding and we want to help you prepare. We’ve worked with Charlie Livermore, professional cycling coach at Carmichael Training Systems, to... Read more