Tapering 101

The hardest part about training for a week-long ride such as the Empire State Ride is to know when it’s time to back off on training. Many new athletes mistakenly feel as if they need to ride long and... Read more

What do I pack?!

Beyond all the riding and fundraising, the Empire State Ride is a week-long outdoor adventure. While you will have a packing list with clothing/gear needed, there are a few extras that any timeworn traveler will tell you are “must... Read more

Climbing 101

The Empire State Ride includes quite a bit of elevation change, and of course, it is not all downhill. In addition to adding hills to your weekly rides, there are a few things you can do to help make... Read more

The Low-down on Helmets

You should be well into your training for the 2016 Empire State Ride by this point in the year. And while your bike fit is most likely dialed in, and you hopefully have found cycling shorts that are comfortable,... Read more