The Empire State Ride is fast approaching, and your friends and family have no doubt asked how they can keep up with your journey in real time. What better way than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? We’ll be updating our accounts regularly with photos and videos, and we encourage you to make the most of your social media as well. Add the link to your fundraising page to your posts, and you might even end up with additional donations! Here are our top tips for creating content that will engage and inspire your audience:

Take pictures – or even mental pictures. Your first priority should be to stay safe, which means pulling over to the side of the road if you want to take photos. If you can’t or don’t want to pull over, take a mental picture so you can describe it later.

Share multimedia (photos, videos, etc.) to create more engaging and interesting posts.

Consider blogging along the route. Some of the campsites will have Wifi, and blogging will allow you to write more in depth about your experience than social media would. It will also help preserve your memories of the ESR for years to come!

Create behind-the-scenes content. Post a picture of your breakfast, map meeting or camping out at night. Pull back the curtain to show people what life on the ESR is really like!

Tag other people or pages. This could include your fellow riders, the volunteers, campsites or tourist attractions along the way, and especially the ESR pages. One way to get to know your fellow riders is to add them on social media in advance of the ride!

Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The official ESR hashtag is #ESR18 – use it so that we can share your posts from the ESR pages!

Promote your pages in advance of the ride! Share links with your supports, encourage them to tag you in their posts, and engage with those who do.

If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before the ride, and join the Empire State Riders group on Facebook to get to know each other, share training & preparation tips and ask questions.

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