We know that reaching your fundraising goal can seem like a daunting task at times but we’re here to help you reach your goals. Here are some great ways that you can diversify raising funds for your Empire State Ride:

Garage Sale

Spring is right around the corner and spring cleaning can help you raise some additional funds towards your ride. Clean out your basement and ask your friends and family to donate some of their items as well. People will be more likely to buy or donate when they know your money is going to a great cause.


Collect cans and bottles and return them for a nickel each. You’ll be surprised how fast that money can grow. Many local can and bottle return centers will allow you to set up and account with them so that your friends and family can drop theirs off and have their return go towards your fundraising.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations and some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount. When you thank your donors ask them to see if their company will match their gift. Check with your employer as well to see if they will match what you raise. This is a simple way to double your funds. Check out our search tool to see what companies may a matching gifts program. >>

Order Out

Schedule a day where your co-workers pick a place to order lunch from. Ask everyone to contribute $5 more than what their order costs to donate to your ride. You could even do this one at home and invite family and friends to come over for takeout!

Trivia Night

Hold a trivia night at a local establishment. See if the restaurant will donate a gift card to the winner and portion of the night’s proceeds to your Empire State Ride.

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