Where Your Funds Go

The Empire State Ride is more than just a ride. The funds you raise will drive cutting-edge cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. When you make the commitment to become an Empire State Rider you’re impacting the future of cancer research and saving lives.

Funds raised for the Empire State Ride are managed by the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that manages all donations made to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The Foundation ensures that every donation is being put to the best possible use and recently earned the highest possible rating on CharityNavigator for its third consecutive year.

Personalized Medicine

Experts are making tremendous advancements in cancer research, and finding a cure is possible in our lifetime. But, unfortunately, progress in areas such as genetics and immunology is far outpacing the funding that’s available to support such research. Breakthroughs in genomics research are changing the way cancer is treated by physicians across the country. A one-of-a-kind test, OmniSeq Target™, has been developed at Roswell Park and allows doctors to make treatment recommendations based on a patient’s individual genetic makeup, instead of the type or location of their cancer. The test has the ability to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. But in order to make more advances like OmniSeq Target™, we need support from fundraisers — like you.

Translational Research

Translational research is the collaboration of laboratory research and clinical practice through clinical trials. Researchers develop new treatments for physicians to administer to patients. The physicians then report their observations back to researchers who focus their effort accordingly. This process allows for the development of new treatments and therapies as quickly as possible. Many of the most groundbreaking discoveries in cancer treatment in the last 15 years have come from translational research.

Although we’ve made great progress, there is still more work to be done. The answers to how we treat, prevent and cure cancer are out there. By supporting the Empire State Ride, you can help us find these answers faster. You can change the future. You can save lives.

International Collaboration

Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute are committed to sharing knowledge and resources with leaders around the world. In 2015, Roswell Park’s President & CEO Candace Johnson, as well as Dr. Kelvin Lee, Chair of the Department of Immunology, accompanied New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on a trip to Cuba. A potentially game-changing agreement was reached to bring their cutting-edge lung cancer vaccine, CIMAvax-EGF, to Roswell Park for clinical testing. Roswell Park is the first and only U.S. institution where this groundbreaking immunotherapy is available.

Led by Dr. Chukwumere “Chumy” Nwogu, Roswell Park has also improved cancer care in Nigeria by opening the country’s first cancer center. Not only is the goal to improve cancer control globally, but also right here at home, too: breast cancer and prostate cancer appear to behave in similar ways in both Africans and African-Americans, and it’s hoped that information gained through collaborative research will lead to more effective treatments for those diseases.

Roswell Park’s reach is far, and by joining the Empire State Ride, you can have an impact in the fight against cancer here and around the world.