The Ride

Who says cycling is a low-impact sport?

The Empire State Ride is a fully-supported, seven-day, 500+ mile cycling adventure across New York State to support cutting-edge cancer research. This one-of-a-kind experience starts in New York City, goes through some of the most scenic parts of New York State and ends at one of the natural wonders of the world: Niagara Falls.

The ride welcomes participants of all fitness levels – the route is fully supported to ensure the safety and success of all riders. We offer a full, seven-day route as well as custom-day rides, so you can choose the route that right for you.

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What's the ride experience like?

Empire State Riders arrive in New York City on Saturday, July 28, 2018 for orientation and check in. The next morning, all our riders start the route together.

Participants ride distances of 60-90 miles per day, with challenging elevation gains. The greatest elevation gains occur in the first four days. Everyone rides at their own pace, and shuttles are available to assist cyclists who want to take a break from riding.

From the passing the Statue of Liberty, to riding along the Erie Canal, there is a lot to see along the route. To get a sense of the whole Empire State Ride Experience, scroll through our photos, check out the galleries or head to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

What is life in camp like?

Riders on the Empire State Ride will be tent camping at a mix of private campgrounds and public high schools. If camping isn’t your thing, check out the travel planner for hotel suggestions.

Gear & Tents

Riders don’t need to set up any of their sleeping accommodations! Each rider has a tent set up and taken down by staff each day, which includes an air mattress. All the riders’ luggage will be transported from campsite to campsite. A charging station is provided for riders to charge their phones, GPS devices, etc. Mechanics are on site at camp to make sure your bike is ready for the next day.

Shower & Bathrooms

After riders get to camp, they can grab snacks and water. Showers and bathrooms are available at every campsite. Sometimes there will be a shower truck and other times the campsite facility will have showers.


A fully catered dinner is provided each night. After riders share dinner, there’s a brief map meeting, which gives an overview of tomorrow’s route. Riders can invite guest to meet them at camp and join us for dinner for an additional $20.


Once all riders’ questions are answered for the next day, participants are free to do as they please for the evening. They can stick around for optional cycling tech talks, or they can head off to play camp games, enjoy campfires and socialize.


Each morning breakfast is served early so you can start at your own pace in the cool of the day. Riders depart at their own pace. The camp is taken down, packed up and moved to the next location and prepped to be ready as riders arrive.

What do you mean by fully supported?

The Empire State Ride supports its riders both on and off the route! We truly appreciate the commitment of our riders, and we’re here to support them every pedal of the way.


  • Rest Stops every 15-20 miles with water, electrolyte solutions and snacks
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with options for all dietary restrictions
  • SAG (Support & Gear) buses to take you pick you up along the route and take you to rest stops or camp
  • A luggage truck that transports all of your stuff from campsite to campsite
  • Camping accommodations
  • First aid trained staff
  • Bike mechanic and repair support

Preparing for the Empire State Ride

Travel Planner

Up-to-date information about logistics and suggestions for travel, gear shipping and lodging options

Fundraising Support

Fundraising tips, a full fundraising guide and tools to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal

Safety & Training

Resources to help you train for 500+ miles and how to be safe along the way


Motivational stories, training tips, information about the impact of the Empire State Ride, insights from ESR alumni and more!

Registered riders are added to a private Facebook group where they can get to know and learn from their fellow riders. Everyone is encouraged to participate in our public Facebook group to meet past riders and learn more about the Empire State Ride!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.