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From Cancer Patient, to Survivor, to Empire State Rider

There are million different reasons to participate in the Empire State Ride. For Rick Bartlett, there is one that stands out. The avid cyclist was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the beginning of 2017. Due to early detection and appropriate treatment, he was able to declare himself cancer free by the end of 2017. This experience made Rick realize the massive lack of awareness about pre-testing and preventive measures that could save lives.
So, he decided to sign up for the Empire State Ride and use his platform to spread awareness about the importance of check-ups and early testing for prostate cancer.
Rick’s connection with the Empire State Ride goes back even further then just his participation as a 2018 Rider. In 2016, Rick joined the Empire State Ride support staff as a luggage truck driver. During the seven-day journey, Rick said he enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing the beautiful New York State scenery. However, he was a little jealous of how much fun the riders were having. In that moment, he decided that he wanted to participate in 2017.
His cancer diagnosis stopped his 2017 plans in its track. But, now that he’s beaten cancer, he’s ready for the 2018 ride. Being able to participate in such a challenging and strenuous adventure only one year after his diagnosis means a lot to him and shows him that he can still do the things that he loves.
“I can still do the things that I love and I have overcome the little bump in the road, as my doctor called it,” said Rick. “Not everybody is as lucky as me but to share this common bond about going through the battle with cancer is unique and that is what the ride really means to me.”
Rick not only craves challenges but he also loves supporting other people as they overcome challenges, as well. He is most looking forward to getting to know a group of wonderful people, biking through scenic New York State and, last but not least, the food.
“I love to eat delicious food and I love to ride,” he said. “With the Empire State Ride I got both. I don’t think it can get any better than that!”
Join Rick for some great riding and good eats on the 2018 Empire State Ride – register today!