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Holiday conversations & fundraising

The holidays are a great time to share with your family and friends that you’re participating in an adventure to end cancer with the Empire State Ride.

When you are asked the common questions like “What’s new?” or “Anything exciting happening?” that’s the perfect time to jump in and tell them about the Empire State Ride.

Start with the basics: when, where, why and how you got involved.

Talk about the training you’ll be undergoing, your compelling story about why you are participating and your fundraising goal. If they seem interested, provide the website address or, even better - give them your fundraising business card. We’ll send you more cards, so share them!

Take it to the next level and set a holiday fundraising goal! ("I’m looking to raise $1,000 before the end of the year, and I hope that you can help me.")

Remember, no donation is too small, and every dollar adds up to something greater than any one of us could accomplish alone. Happy holidays!