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An Update on the 2020 Empire State Ride

ESr riders in NYS countryside

When you’re riding a bike and approach a hill, what do you do? You shift gears to accommodate the terrain, which allows you to continue on to the next leg of your journey. You adapt in order to conquer your challenge.

Well, this year, COVID-19 is our challenge. And in order to overcome it, we have to shift gears on the Empire State Ride.

Unfortunately, our weeklong adventure cannot take place as it normally does. But our road warriors can still make an impact on the future of cancer research. Cancer isn’t stopping. So we can’t either.

We’d like to introduce the 500+ Mile Challenge, a way for us to safely ride while changing the future of cancer research. From July 1 until August 1, we are asking our road warriors to cycle 500+ miles any way they’d like. We’ll also be continuing our fundraising efforts and hosting fun opportunities for our riders to honor what would have been #ESR20, July 26 – August 1.

First and foremost – your fundraising. We want to ride together for the 2021 Empire State Ride. That’s why we are saving a spot for all 2020 registered riders during next year’s adventure, which will take place from July 25 through 31 and deferring your 2020 registration fee to next year. 

The funds you have raised so far are absolutely critical to advancing cancer research, and are already hard at work.  We know you worked hard to fundraise this year and want you to continue your #ESR20 efforts. That’s why whatever fundraising amount you achieve by August 31, will boost your #ESR21 fundraising efforts.

ESR rider
2020 Fundraising Level 2021 Boost
Riders at $1,000 - $1,999
Riders at $2,000 - $3,499
Riders at $3,500 - $4,999
Riders at $5,000 - $7,499
Riders at $7,500+

The donations you raise for the Empire State Ride this year will support the most promising, cutting-edge research happening in the world right now, and it’s happening at Roswell Park: immunotherapy. It’s the future of cancer treatment, and Roswell Park researchers are leading the way in developing these new therapies that help our own immune systems fight and kill cancer. They’re our best hope for saving more lives. You even stepped up to the challenge in April to helped raise $29,500 for COVID-19 research!

And don’t worry — you still have the chance to receive rewards for all your hard work.

2020 Fundraising Level Rider Reward
Riders at $1,000 +
ESR20 Jersey
Riders at $3,500+
ESR Backpack, Cycling Cap & Socks
Riders at $7,500+
ESR Limited Edition Windbreaker
Riders at $10,000+
Excelsior Jersey & SAC Grant
Riders $15,000+
Daily massages, towel service, and tent concierge in 2021

The 500+ Mile Challenge

Even though we can’t gather on the steps of Wagner College for our annual picture, we are still determined to make this summer not only impactful but fun for all our road warriors. Let’s all commit to riding 500+ miles throughout the month of July. It doesn’t matter whether you complete this outdoors or on your indoor trainer. It just matters that we do it.

Not only are we going to track everyone’s mileage in the #ESR20 Strava club, but you can also try to ride the mileage you would have during the week of July 26  –  August 1.

Day 159 miles
Day 273 miles
Day 375 miles
Day 4100 miles
Day 583 miles
Day 677 miles
Day 778 miles

We are also planning on having virtual activities for everyone to participate in – more to come on those. So stay tuned!
And you’re going to need some new Empire State Ride gear in order to participate in these new adventures!
Our store is now open, so make sure to place an order by June 4 in order to receive it for the week of #ESR20.

Will You Join Us?

We know this is different and not at all how you pictured riding your first (or second or third) Empire State Ride. But the passion all our road warriors have is contagious. Let’s harness it this summer and advance cancer research. Because even though we can’t have our normal adventure, we can still do something to change the future.

Thank you for your support, dedication and passion. Check out this message from our founder, Terry.

You can join the 500+ mile challenge today!

Ride wherever you are, with whoever you want.

There’s no registration fee or fundraising requirements.

Any funds you do raise will support cancer research right now.

Register Today!

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