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Brand guide

Empire State Ride logos and branding

The Empire State Ride has a strict set of brand standards to ensure consistency throughout our brand. Please use the logos below in their entirety and follow the guidelines for any and all designs you create.

Logo guidelines

Use the white logo for colored backgrounds where the original logo does not work.

Use the black logo when color is not available.

The logo must appear in its entirety. Partial or cropped logos are NOT permitted.

Do NOT distort, stretch or alter the logo in any way.

Do NOT crop the tagline from the logo.

Use only the Empire State Ride logo on T-shirt designs. Use of the Roswell Park logo is prohibited for these purposes. Cobranding — or using two logos simultaneously — is not permitted.

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PMS 5405
C:68 M:35 Y:17 K:40
R:79 G:117 B:139


PMS 152
C:0 M:66 Y:99 K:0
R:245 G:119 B:34