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Meet First Time ESR Rider Jenine Trzewieczynski

Before signing up for the Empire State Ride, the longest bike ride Jenine had completed was 35 miles. So what’s inspiring her to set out on a 500+ mile journey?

How did you find out about the Empire State Ride?
I work for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, which organizes the Empire State Ride.

What inspired you to sign up?
I am inspired every single day at Roswell Park to do something. In my role with the Foundation, I often meet patients. Their fortitude, optimism, kindness, and incredible acceptance of hope inspires me daily.
Terry Bourgeois, the founder of the ESR and a dedicated ambassador for Roswell Park, spoke at an Alliance meeting last fall and shared a video from the 2016 ride. It took only that short video for me to know that this was the something I could do on my own way to feel I was able to offer support and hope for each of these incredibly strong, courageous people I have met, and will continue to meet, who are enduring their fight against cancer.

What is your history as a cyclist? Have you ever done anything similar to the Empire State Ride?
Other than some leisure rides around the neighborhood with my dog joining along in a milk crate, I have not done anything of the sort. I did ride the one-day 35-mile Tour De Farms this past August in Buffalo.

How are you fundraising for the ride?
I’m using Facebook, writing letters, emailing old contacts — just good old fashioned asking! I am also making a $1,000 gift myself to my fundraising efforts.

What do you hope to accomplish by raising funds and completing the ride?
I hope to provide a little hope and support — if even for just a moment — to someone battling cancer. I already know the funds raised will support the incredible, pioneering research that takes place at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. It is very easy to fundraise for Roswell Park because I know each dollar raised is critical, respected, and well spent.

What are you most looking forward to about the ride?
I am looking forward to meeting incredible people inspired to do something good. I’m looking forward to sharing an adventure with like-minded individuals — raising money for an incredible cause, incredible organization, a most important mission. And I’m looking forward to the adventure of one hell of a ride — I have no idea what I’m really in for!