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How to add the Empire State Ride route to your Garmin

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The Empire State Ride is lucky to have the support of professional cycling coach Charlie Livermore as an advisor and friend. Charlie is not only a coach at Carmichael Training Systems, but also serves as a training consultant on our adventure across New York State. He offers his expertise and tips to all our riders, as well as joins us in riding 500+ miles in July. 

ESR Riders, 

The Empire State Ride GPS course files were recently sent to us, so I thought I’d share my method for importing them to my Garmin Edge 1030. I’m fairly certain this method will work with all Garmin Edge models. I’m not what you’d call “super techie,” so I still use the old school USB cable transfer protocol. There are ways to do this wirelessly, but I’ve never used that method. So, here’s a quick step-by-step for USB transfer of your Empire State Ride route GPS course files.

1. Download the course files provided by ESR to your personal computer. Make sure you know where you’re downloading them to so you can access them later. 

2. Connect your Garmin to your computer using a USB cable. Wait a couple of minutes until you see the image below on your Garmin screen. If you don’t see this image after two to three minutes, disconnect the cable from your computer, shut down your Garmin and re-connect.

Garmin app
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3. Now using the Finder, My Computer or other tool on your computer, open the drive associated with Garmin, usually labeled Garmin. Open the folder located inside the Garmin drive.

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4. Click or drag the exported files from your computer and drop them into the New Files folder.

5. Safely disconnect or eject the Garmin and unplug it from the computer.

6. After powering your Garmin back on, click the Navigation icon on the main screen, then the Courses icon and finally the Saved Courses icon. There, you’ll see your ESR GPS files.

Easy enough! See you all soon,

 Coach Charlie

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