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The Empire State Ride is not a race

For the safety of everyone, it’s imperative that every rider obeys instructions from our road crew, pays attention to the information posted on our road signs and rides only on the official route. It’s extremely important to follow proper road etiquette, too, including:

important tips

Safety is our #1 priority on the Empire State Ride. We want to make sure that each rider has an enjoyable and safe experience. We ask riders to please review these tips and follow them while on the road.

Communicate with Each Other

Use Caution and Good Judgement

Ride Defensively and in Control

For yourself and your fellow riders. Always ride in control of your bike. Remember to:

Pass Safely

Stay Alert at Intersections

Do not Stop on the Road

Speak up

Be Reliable

stay safe

We truly can’t stress this enough. In order to stay as safe as possible, remember:


Make left turns

from the center of the road or left turn lane.


Do not cross the yellow centerline

regardless of passing zone.


Cross railroad tracks at right angles

to avoid getting stuck between the rails and the road.


Stay hydrated

during and after you ride.


Wear sunscreen

The Empire State Ride is taking place in July so you need to stay protected by applying your favorite sunscreen on any exposed skin. Follow these five tips to find the right SPF:


Know your limitations

You know your body best – make sure you listen to it. Take advantage of rest stops and lean on our team’s support when you need it.

Bike Safety Laws and Guidelines

New York State Department of Transportation laws and guidelines for proper bike safety can be found here:

Video Resources

Make sure you familiarize yourself with basic bike safety and etiquette provided by the League of American Cyclists: