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Safety is our top priority on the Empire State Ride.

The Empire State Ride is not a race. For the safety of everyone, it’s imperative that riders obey the instructions from our road crew and pay attention to the information posted on road signs. Ride only on the official route.

Whether you’re riding in your hometown or across New York State, here’s what you should keep in mind:

safety 101

It’s important to follow the basic safety tips to have the best cycling experience possible. That includes: obeying traffic laws, wearing a helmet and keeping your ears clear.

Be Reliable

Riding in a group requires consistency and predictability. Your fellow riders expect you to continue at a consistent speed and direction unless you signal a change. 


Your hands and voice are some of your best tools when cycling. Before you make a change in your speed or direction, you need to communicate to both cyclists and vehicles.

Announce holes, glass, sand, grates and other hazards while riding.

Be a leader

The pack lead rider should call out “left turn” or “right turn” coupled with proper hand signals to notify the group. Lead riders should also warn of approaching traffic from the front by firmly stating “car up.” Lead riders should indicate potential hazards by pointing and clearly identifying the obstruction.

When rounding curves or narrow roads or riding double, riders in the back should warn of rear traffic by stating “car back.”

Ride Defensively

Always ride in control of your bike. Remember to:

Ride in single file or two across as traffic conditions and laws allow. However, single up when cars are trying to pass you, even if double riding is permitted.

Leave a gap for cars between every three or four riders when riding up hills or narrow roads.

Stay Alert

If an intersection requires a yield or stop, the lead rider must state “slowing” or “stopping.” Be aware of signs, directional guides and road traffic when passing through an intersection. Every cyclist is responsible for confirming the way is clear.

Pass Safely

When passing a fellow rider, clearly state “on your left” to signal the pass. The slower traffic should stay to the right so that others can pass on the left.

Please note: passing on the right is an unusual maneuver, but if it is absolutely necessary, make sure to communicate this clearly by stating “on your right.”

Do not Stop on the Road

If you experience an issue that requires you to stop, move off the road so you don’t impede traffic. When you’re ready to start riding again, yield to traffic.

New York Bike Safety Laws and Guidelines

New York State Department of Transportation laws and guidelines for proper bike safety can be found here.

Video Resources

Make sure you familiarize yourself with basic bike safety and etiquette provided by the League of American Cyclists.

Cycle Safely

Actions like reckless riding, speeding, failing to observe traffic laws, running stop signs and not communicating effectively cause crashes and injuries. Please ride responsibly for the safety of yourself, your fellow cyclists and the public.

stay safe

We truly can’t stress this enough. In order to stay as safe as possible, remember:

Left Turn ion

Make left turns

from the center of the road or left turn lane.


Do not cross the yellow centerline

regardless of passing zone.


Cross railroad tracks at right angles

to avoid getting stuck between the rails and the road.


Stay hydrated

during and after you ride.


Wear sunscreen

The Empire State Ride is taking place in July so you need to stay protected by applying your favorite sunscreen on any exposed skin. Follow these five tips to find the right SPF:


Know your limitations

You know your body best – make sure you listen to it. Take advantage of rest stops and lean on our team’s support when you need it.

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