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The COVID-19 Response Fund

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We are living in a global event most of us could not have imagined even a few months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in all our lives, with profound upheavals in family, social, home, financial and work situations.
This pandemic is scary, especially for those in the most vulnerable populations, like cancer patients. Understanding the impact on cancer patients will help to ease some of the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. That’s why Roswell Park is leaning on its research expertise to expand some of its focus to several new studies.


Our researchers are already beginning projects to develop new treatments for patients impacted by COVID-19. Throughout the month of April, all Empire State Ride donations will go toward the Roswell Park COVID-19 Response Fund, which will be used immediately for three research studies.

  1. A clinical trial to evaluate the safety of a combination of two drugs in cancer patients with COVID-19 and evaluate its ability to reduce complications of COVID-19.
  2. A study to better understand biomarkers of the immune system’s response to COVID-19 in order to identify patients who are likely to progress to severe infection, thus requiring more intensive care. This study will allow medical professionals to predict the likely course of disease progression to allow triage of patients at highest risk for respiratory failure and death.
  3. A study working with other major health care providers in Western New York to run clinical trials providing a number of different treatments to patients with COVID-19.


  1. COVID-19 email template — the information above has been transformed into an email template to make it easier to ask for donations at this time. You can find this template in your participant center or via the mobile app.
  2. Social media post — you can use this sample post to share on your social media platforms.
    • I signed up to participate in the 2020 @Empire State Ride, a 500+ mile cycling adventure that raises money for cancer research, because it’s my promise to help cancer patients. I won’t go back on that promise. As some of society’s most vulnerable during this pandemic, they need our support now more than ever. Throughout the month of April, the funds I raise will support the COVID-19 Response Fund at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. If you are able to support my efforts, I would greatly appreciate it. Any little bit helps! (link to FB fundraiser or dashboard)