If you’ve been on your trainer during the cold winter months, you probably can’t wait to finally ride outside. But if you want to enjoy a worry-free ride you should check the condition of your bike. This includes tires, rear gear cassette and cleats. Also, don’t forget to tighten your screws and ideally replace your chain. As a general rule of thumb, chains need to be replaced every year.

If you are finally able to ride outside and enjoy the nature and sunshine on your saddle, it’s time to deal with another essential part of every ride: Eating on the Bike. New riders often grab bars or gel to fuel their rides, but with a little creativity, you can create your own concoctions. Use professional cookbooks to begin with and eventually you’ll be able to create your own personal go-to handheld food. Keep in mind to include carbohydrates, some fat and protein, especially when you are doing a long ride.

Apart from eating on the bike, the nutrition off the bike is also essential when preparing for a long tour like the Empire State Ride. In order to balance your nutrition, biking and weight training you have to pay attention to the calories you burn and the calories you ingest. A common mistake is that riders overeat in an effort to refuel. Avoid that mistake and gradually increase your weight training and mileage. The key to a good balance is the “slow and steady” method.

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