Now that you’ve made the commitment to ride the Empire State Ride, you’re probably well into your training for this 500+ mile adventure. The biggest training mistake that riders make is they don’t work hard enough on big effort days and conversely do not recover enough on off days. To avoid such a dilemma, it is very effective to use a heart rate monitor that keeps you in the right zone.

An efficient training program also includes stretching to make sure you feel strong and comfortable for long hours on the bike. While stretching can take any form from yoga to dynamic stretches, the basics always include a warm-up first, followed by a gradual increase into more intense poses. Also, always listen to your body and don’t push your limbs to flex more than they are able. This will help you avoid soreness and muscle tears.

Closely related to stretching is weight training, which helps to increase your muscle mass and metabolism. But don’t just use every machine in the gym. Focus on movement-specific exercises instead. Movement-specific exercises such as squatting mimic the movement of your body as you ride and will help you become a stronger rider.

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