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We All Need A Little Adventure In Our Lives

In 2017, Peter Vollmer lost his cousin to throat cancer. On his way home from the funeral, he heard a radio commercial for the Empire State Ride. Peter felt compelled to participate in honor of all of those in his life affected by cancer. So, he signed up for the 500+ mile adventure across New York State.
Peter had never done anything like the Empire State Ride before, even though he’s an active cyclist. Despite that, his first ride in 2017 was magnificent and nothing like he’d ever experienced before. After the ride 2017, he knew he had to participate in 2018 and he can barely contain his excitement.
“Even though I was riding with 100 fellow riders, I never felt crowded,” Peter said. “Quite the opposite because all the people on the ride felt like family members that give each other enough personal space while simultaneously supporting each other.
“This event restored my faith in humanity — 100 people that barely knew each other came together. At the end of our ride, we were embracing one another. We had all come together and did something for people suffering from cancer.”
Peter enjoyed his time so much on the 2017 Empire State Ride that he even wrote a first-hand account of the ride. You can read Peter’s retelling of the 2017 ride here.
He’s looking forward to this year’s ride and is excited to add a personal challenge. After crossing the finish line in Niagara Falls, he plans to turn his bike back around and pedal home to Long Island! His wife thinks he’s crazy but he seems very determined to follow through with his adventurous plan.
According to Peter, we all need a little adventure in our life, and the Empire State Ride is a fantastic experience for both the mind and body.  If you like adventures and want to experience something that you will never forget, register today. Join Peter and more than 120 other riders on the Empire State Ride to end cancer!

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