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Follow these tips to help you train

Safety is always our top priority.

Whether you’re coming out to the in-person adventure or tackling the 500+ mile challenge in your hometown, participating in the Empire State Ride is no easy task. It’s extremely important to train adventure to get your body accustomed to the elements and to avoid injury.

Get Your Gear Ready

Your bike is the most important gear so make sure you feel comfortable on it. Empire State Riders have competed 500+ miles on all types of bicycles – hybrids, fitness, mountain, and road. Your best choice will tend toward road-style bicycles with narrow tires and lighter weight frames. It’s important to ride your bike multiple times before tackling 500+ miles. Don’t forget to take it a local bike shop for a tune up, too.

Wear Your Helmet

Your helmet should be worn at all times to protect from any falls or accidents. Don’t leave home without it.

COVID-19 Guidelines

It’s important to continue to practice safe riding during a global pandemic. Check your local health department guidelines, as well as the CDC’s website, for the most up-to-date information. Communication on #ESR21 COVID-19 guidelines will remain fluid and frequent.


Make sure you have one or more water bottle cages and refillable cycling water bottles and that they are secure on your bike. Unsecured bottles can fall out of their cage and be a hazard to other riders.


No matter where you are training, make sure to look at the weather and pack gear accordingly. Ride for the elements and be safe. Additional training and safety tips about riding the in-person adventure will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Put the Cellphone Away

Besides using your bike computer and/or cellphone for navigation, refrain from using any electronics (including headphones or earbuds) will riding. It’s important to hear cars and other cyclists around you. Stay alert by putting the distractions away. 

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